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    Dr. Wehman in the News

    From the Richmond Times-Dispatch — Educating Students with Autism: Unlocking the Potential

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    Safety for All:
    Autism Training for Transportation Staff

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    The Driver of Change:

    Learn about the history, beginning, and mission of the Autism Center for Excellence.

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    New Autism Information Fast Fact:

    Tips for Effectively Collecting Data

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VCU-ACE is a university-based technical assistance, professional development, and educational research center for Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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Communities of Leaders in Autism


Regional Communities of Learning

Regions will receive technical assistance through the development and facilitation of Communities of Leaders in Autism (CoLAs). The CoLA provides the opportunity to share information and experiences which allows members to learn from each other and have an opportunity to develop personally and professionally.

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The Virginia Autism Resource Center

The VARC at Virginia Commonwealth University's Autism Center for Excellence is a statewide resource center dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families. Through integrative research, outreach and collaborative initiatives, VARC promotes and facilitates best practices for those diagnosed within the autism spectrum.

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Transportation Providers


Safety for All: Autism Training for Transportation Staff

"Safety for All: Autism Training for Transportation Staff" is a hybrid training series designed specifically to meet the needs of this unique group. This training gives perspectives and strategies for working with students with autism and supporting their communication and behavioral needs in a transportation setting. Participants will first complete two hours of online video modules, followed by live discussion and activities facilitated by division special education and transportation staff.

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