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Archived News: What's New
June 2014

Register Now for Evidence-Based Practices to Teach Students with ASD Course

Fall will be here before you know it! Register now for the September 15th offering of the Evidence-Based Practices to Teach Students with ASD Course.

This free course provides educators with skills and knowledge to instruct students with ASD in the classroom. Good instruction, appropriate skill selection, and evidence-based practices are all covered in this free online course. A focus of the course is the “foundational five” evidence-based practices. The “foundational five” include: antecedent-based interventions, visual supports, systematic instruction and interventions to promote social and communication skills.


Communication System Webcast

On July 8th at 3:30 pm, Charlene Wentland, Dawn Hendricks and Selena Layden will be conducting a webcast entitled, “Determining an Effective Communication System for Students with ASD.” This webcast is designed to advance the knowledge and skills of team members in identifying communication goals, implementing communication learning opportunities, and developing a long-term communication system for each child with ASD.

Building effective communication skills is a critical component of the education of all students with ASD. It requires a systematic plan that ensures communication instruction is individualized to fit the short term and long term needs of the student. This involves individualized communication instruction, team collaboration, a system of communication that allows for effective and efficient communication, and implementation of evidence-based strategies and supports.

Please register now to join us for this insightful webcast.


Spotlight on Resources

The Resources section contains a wealth of resources and tools you can use as you further your knowledge of autism. The following categories exist on the website:

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Screening and Diagnosis
Evidence-Based Practices
Early Intervention
Eligibility and the School Aged Child
Adolescence and ASD
Adults with ASD
Technology and ASD
Smartphone Technology and ASD

Click on each link to take you to resources available to you including web links, guides, factsheets, agency information, trainings, videos, and research articles to help you support individuals with ASD.


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