Higher Education

Research Project #3:

Identifying Effective Components of a Collaborative Career Planning Model for Individuals with ASD in Postsecondary Education Settings (Liz Getzel)

This study will look to identify the effective components of a collaborative career planning model based on the input of college students with ASD, VR counselors, Disability Support Service (DSS) providers in 2 and 4 year colleges and universities, and postsecondary education career center staff members.

The study will survey members of the Virginia Higher Education Leadership Partners (VA HELP) to determine the number of students with ASD receiving services through Disability Support Services offices and the services and supports provided to these individuals. Next, structured interviews with college students with ASD to assess their experiences in post-secondary education, current status of their career planning and preparation, and current satisfaction with support services and accommodations will be completed. Then the results of the student interviews will be used to construct an on-line survey that will be used to assess the knowledge of VR counselors, Disability Support Services providers, and post-secondary Career Planning and Placement providers regarding their role the career preparation of post-secondary students with ASD and their need for additional training in this area. Finally, the results of the survey and assistance from our partnering organizations will be used to develop a series of on-line training modules.