Region 1 AEC Training Information

Title: Social Skills (p.m.)
Date & time: March 6, 2018,   1:00pm - 4:00pm
Registration: No longer available
Topic: Evidence-Based Practices
Location: Chesterfield County Central Office 9900 Krause Rd Chesterfield VA
Who should attend: Teachers

Success during the school day includes both participating in the academic curricula and meeting the social demands of the environment.  For a student to learn and access the daily academic curriculum, they need to be able to monitor and regulate their social behaviors. Minimal targeted instruction is provided to address social curriculum and the rules of learning in a group,  which underlies success in all environments, whether in English, Math, hallways, cafeteria or simply hanging out during break, etc.  The instruction that happens in school will set students up for positive post-secondary transitions. Learning social skills can be challenging and can impact behavior. 


The concepts and practices presented in the Social Skills Training include:

  • the “thinking skills” necessary to participate in social skill instruction.
  • suggestions  to quickly assess the student’s understanding of the the targeted social skill.
  • materials and strategies that directly teach social skills.
  • how to introduce and teach the materials and strategies to the student.