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Katie Thompson

Katie Thompson, M.Ed.

Training & Technology Associate

Katie Thompson, M.Ed., is a Faculty Training and Technology Associate within VCU-RRTC as well as the Online Learning Coordinator for VCU's Autism Center for Excellence (VCU-ACE). She holds a Masters Degree in Adult Education and Human Resource Development from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication with concentration in Organizational Communication from James Madison University. With a background in instructional technology as well as training and development, she has also worked in the field of disability services for over 15 years. In her current role she develops and implements course content and training in the area of competitive integrated employment for individuals with disabilities as well as facilitates online course offerings for Virginia public school educators and staff for VCU-ACE.



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Brooke, V., Brooke, A., Schall, C., Wehman, P., McDonough, J,. Thompson, K., & Smith, J. (2018). Employees with Autism Spectrum Disorder achieving long-term employment success: A retrospective Review of Employment Retention and Intervention. Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities, 43 (3), 181-193.