December 7, 2016

Open Now: MyACE Dashboard

VCU-ACE is excited to announce the release of the MyACE Dashboard! The MyACE Dashboard is a new way to access training opportunities and track your professional development activities. This customizable portal is designed to guide you through a variety of different training topics. The Dashboard makes finding the right training at the right time that much easier!

As you complete activities, you’ll earn badges that assist with tracking progress and that can be exchanged for recertification points. Because the Dashboard allows you to individualize activities based on your needs, how you navigate the MyACE modules is completely up to you! Current badges include topics such as: Overview of Autism, Communication, Behavior, Comprehensive Autism Planning (CAPS), Prompting, and Reinforcement. Check back often as more badges will be added!

Collect all the badges or find just the right resources for you and your team!

To get started with your own MyACE Dashboard, you’ll first need to create an account. Follow the link to get started today:

In Case You Missed It!

VCU-ACE has created a wide number of training activities throughout 2016. In case you missed any of our new products, check out this list!

The Parent Playbook is a course designed for parents and caregivers of children with ASD. To register for this self-paced course, please visit:

Webcast presentations this year included some fantastic presentations on topics like augmentative and alternative communication, visual supports, and quality of life! To view these archived webcasts, please visit:

We also added several new How To videos, including many new preschool specific topics such as matching language to learners, providing choices, and asking for help! To view these videos, please visit:

Don’t Forget!

This month’s webcast on December 13th at 3:30 is presented by Karen Berlin, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA will discuss Virginia’s Tiered System of Supports: An Integration Framework to Increase Behavior and Academic Success for ALL Students. Participants will consider how VTSS impacts the selection and implementation of evidence-based practices as well as collaboration and professional learning. To sign up, please visit:

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