January 16, 2018


As we move into 2018, now is a good time to look back at what you might have missed in 2017 and what everyone can expect in 2018!

In case you missed it!

How To Series

Incorporating Strengths and Interests

When we think of autism, we often think of the challenges. Learn how to adjust your perspective and see the value in a student’s strengths and interests!


Motivating the Individual with ASD

Motivation and individuals with ASD can be difficult. Because of the primary and secondary characteristics of ASD, individuals with ASD may not be intrinsically motivated at first. It’s important to understand and use an individual’s strengths and interests as well as three crucial strategies: Priming, Premack, and Presentation!


Inclusion Roundtable Podcast

This new podcast series is a discussion of the latest research, innovations, and trends in promoting inclusion in communities and positive quality of life for people with disabilities throughout the lifespan. Topics will include K–12 education, supported employment, transition, employer practices, post-secondary education, independent living, and promoting success in these areas for people with autism, TBI, and physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities.

Check out the first one here:


Ask the Expert!

These videos captured the transition from middle to school to high school to adulthood!


Classroom Snapshots

These short videos highlight inspiring stories of best practices going on in schools throughout Virginia. In these videos, teachers and school leaders share the ideas and efforts they have made to improve the education of children with autism in their communities. Check out videos from Poquoson, Campbell, and Franklin County!


VCU-ACE Research Article Database

As part of our mission to promote quality programming for students with ASD, VCU-ACE conducts, reviews, and disseminates research into innovative and practical solutions to create successful outcomes for individuals with ASD in school, work, and life. Whether you are looking for a peer-reviewed article on a specific intervention, or just want to know more about what works in the field through listening to an episode of the Inclusion Roundtable podcast, you'll find what you need to increase your research knowledge through our new database!


Looking Ahead!!

A new VCU-ACE video is coming that details the history, mission, and purpose of the VCU Autism Center for Excellence featuring John Eisenberg, Daniel Irwin, Paul Wehman, Carol Schall, and Dawn Hendricks. This video will be a part of an ongoing series that highlights the history, people, community, and future of VCU-ACE!

VCU-ACE is also developing new products to help new visitors learn how to use our resources and understand more about research and evidence-based practices, including The Foundational Five. The Inclusion Podcast series will have new episodes as well!

Don't Forget!

This month’s webcast is on January 9th at 3:30 pm. VCU-ACE Training Associate, Josh Taylor, will present the webcast, Including Students with ASD in General Education Classrooms: Tips for Teachers. Josh will discuss how to meet the diverse needs of students with ASD including successful strategies, tips for collaboration and support, and recommend resources to continue learning and expanding the professional toolkit.