eNews February 2018

February 7, 2018

Foundations of Autism Spectrum Disorder course is now self-paced!

The Foundations of Autism Spectrum Disorder course is a frequent first step in learning more about ASD on the VCU-ACE website. The course provides comprehensive information about what autism means, what the primary and secondary characteristics are, information about common co-morbidities, as well as strengths and interests and information about services throughout the lifespan. This course lays the groundwork for many other training opportunities at VCU-ACE. Some of the most common feedback from participants in the VCU-ACE Foundations of Autism Spectrum Disorder course is they wish more people could take the course and learn about ASD. In reviewing that feedback, VCU-ACE is moving this course from a facilitated course to a self-paced course.

But what does that really mean and how does that help?

VCU-ACE offers two types of courses: facilitated and self-paced. Facilitated courses run on a schedule and are offered at certain times of the year. Typically, a facilitated course will run for a period of 4 weeks. During that time, participants will watch module videos each week and post in an interactive discussion board. Self-paced courses, on the other hand, are available at all times. Participants can sign up for a self-paced course at any time and finish at any time. Participants can also move throughout the course at their own pace rather than on a set schedule.

Because the Foundations of Autism Spectrum Disorder course is so fundamental to understanding ASD and pursuing other continuing education opportunities at VCU-ACE, it’s important that this course be available at all times to anyone in Virginia. By moving to a self-paced format for the Foundations course, more people can start learning about the characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder, co-morbidities, and services throughout the lifespan at any time in the year!

Changes to e-News editions!!

The VCU-ACE e-News is currently published on a monthly schedule. We will be moving to a quarterly schedule in 2018. The VCU-ACE e-News schedule will now be January, April, July, and October. While e-News editions will be quarterly, VCU-ACE will still send out monthly emails and reminders for the webcast series and other information of interest! Look for the next webcast reminder in March and the next e-News edition in April!

Don't Forget!!!

This month’s webcast will be on February 13th at 3:30pm. VCU-ACE technical assistance staff, Paige Carter and Noel Woolard, will present the webcast Tips for Administrators. The presenters will explore research related to outcomes of successful inclusive practices and examine perceptions that may support or preclude inclusion. The purpose of this webinar is to equip school personnel with tools and strategies needed to build inclusive schools. To register for this webcast, please visit our site: https://vcuautismcenter.org/te/webcasts/details.cfm?webcastID=409.

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