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February 2015

Join the Virtual Learning Community in Autism!

The Virtual Learning Community in Autism (VLCA) is a place for individuals to learn and develop new skills through collaboration with others. The VLCA is for individuals who want to learn how to effectively support a person with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in school, home, and community. It is suited for professionals and paraprofessionals who support students with autism and related disabilities. Individuals participating in the VLCAwill learn alongside others by reviewing content, implementing activities, sharing the outcomes of the activities and engaging in discussion.

Through ongoing collaboration, the entire community of learners will advance both knowledge and skills. The title of this learning community is Providing Universal Supports to Promote Positive Behaviors for Students with ASD. This learning community will help participants provide fundamental universal supports and promote positive behaviors in students with ASD.

Topics targeted in this learning community include: providing a structured and visual environment, providing routines, and implementing visual supports. This learning community will be be conducted online.

A variety of tools will be used that will allow participants to:

view content related to the topics through readings, webcasts, and online seminars;

participate in face-to-face discussions through synchronous activities held the first and third Wednesdays of the month;

implement strategies with individuals with ASD;

receive input from other learning community members.

For more information and to register, click here!