Archived News: Across Virginia
June 2014

Technical Assistance Update

With the promise of warmer weather and summer right around the corner, our cohort two divisions have started to prepare the ground to plant the seeds of change. All of the divisions are in the process of being trained how to administer the Autism Program Environmental Rating Scale (APERS). If you are not familiar with the APERS, it was developed by the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders and is an environmental rating scale that consists of 11 domains and can be used in both inclusive and self-contained settings.

The new divisions are also participating in a division wide survey that will help identify the priorities, knowledge and skills of the faculty and staff who work with and support the students with autism spectrum disorders within their school division.

Finally, the divisions’ Autism Services Improvement Team will come together for two days in June to review all of the data that has been collected and use it to develop strategic plans to further explore and improve the educational processes.