Hampton Public Schools
Autism Services Intervention Team

Hampton City teachers at a recent Collaborative Learning Team Meeting
Hampton City teachers at a recent Collaborative Learning Team Meeting
Hampton core team in a planning meeting
Hampton core team in a planning meeting - Noel Woolard, Holly Whittenburg, and Kelly Siegel
Dr. Lisa Powers, Kelly Siegel, and Joy Goldstein
Dr. Lisa Powers, Kelly Siegel, and Joy Goldstein

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Provide comprehensive services to all students with ASD that will enhance quality of life and create citizen-ready individuals.


  • Providing comprehensive services for all students with ASD through highly skilled and confident staff;
  • Implement evidence-based practices;
  • Work collaboratively with all stakeholders;
  • Maximize learning in an inclusive environment; and
  • Ensure readiness for post-secondary opportunities


  • All students can learn.
  • All teachers can provide high quality instruction.
  • Students have the right to the highest quality education.
  • Students benefit from inclusive practices and participation in individualized academic and/or social activities with typically developing peers.
  • School administrators can promote the success of all students with ASD when provided the needed tools, supports, and resources.

Goals in the Service Improvement Plan:

  • All HCS building administrators will be provided with training and guidance documents on recognizing the effective implementation of evidence-based practices in serving students with autism within their schools.
  • 100% of families of students found newly eligible under the category of autism will be provided with a variety of information and resources related to ASD.
  • HCS teachers and speech language therapists serving students with ASD who do not currently have viable means of communication will assess their students' communication needs and implement targeted evidence-based practices for communication (including PECS and augmentative/alternative communication devices), which will result in growth in communication skills as measured by the HCS functional communication checklist and the APERS.
  • HCS special education and inclusion teachers serving students with ASD will increase their knowledge and use of evidence-based practices (including reinforcement, prompting, visual supports, and antecedent-based interventions) as measured by growth in teacher survey scores and APERS pre- and post-test scores.