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Autism Services Intervention Team

Henrico County Public Schools Autism Services Improvement Team
Henrico County Public Schools Autism Services Improvement Team.
Front Row: Staci Carr, Erin Smydra
Back Row: Andrea Fry, Allison Strickland, Susan Grainer, Brook Bottari, Bondy-Shay Gibson
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Henrico County Public Schools will be the PREMIER school division in the United States for the comprehensive delivery of services for students with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).


Henrico County Public Schools, an innovative leader in educational excellence, will actively engage our students with ASD in diverse learning experiences that inspire and empower them to become contributing citizens.


  • We believe in accountability through data collection that drives our instruction.
  • We believe in a school community grounded in respect and integrity for all students.
  • We believe in continuous improvement to meet and exceed the challenges of a changing environment.
  • We believe that success for our students with ASD requires shared responsibility among all staff, parents, students, and community as stakeholders.
  • We create a culture of acceptance by all teachers and peers.
  • We believe that excellence is attainable by all students with ASD.
  • We believe that understanding and respecting diversity enriches the individual with ASD and community.
  • We believe that there is value from others learning from our students with ASD.
  • We believe that individuals with ASD are most successful in safe, caring, and well-maintained environments.
  • We believe that providing Henrico County students with ASD a quality education is the best investment for their future.
  • We believe in cultivating positive relationships.
  • We believe in the equity of opportunities for personal growth.
  • We believe that public education is essential to the survival of a democratic society.
  • We believe in educating all of our students with ASD in the Least Restrictive Environment.


  1. HCPS will have effective transitional procedures to support all students with ASD from the time of identification through exit from exceptional education services.
  2. All general education, special education and administrative staff will possess knowledge to apply research based strategies to manage and support positive behavioral support for students with ASD.
  3. All students with ASD will be offered social skills instruction.