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Because we are passionate about our excellent services, our students will be confident and productive citizens who, having maximized their full potential, will be appreciated for their contributions and uniqueness.


  • Provide comprehensive services for all students with ASD through highly skilled and confident staff
  • Implement evidence-based practices
  • Work collaboratively with all stakeholders
  • Maximize learning in an inclusive environment
  • Ensure readiness for post-secondary opportunities


  • All students can learn.
  • All teachers can provide high quality instruction.
  • Students have the right to the highest quality education.
  • Students benefit from inclusive practices and participation in individualized academic and/or social activities with typically developing peers.
  • School administrators can promote the success of all students with ASD when provided the needed tools, supports, and resources.


  • Goal 1: By 2016, all students with ASD in Newport News Public Schools will have an understandable means to communicate their wants and needs in the school, home, and community as determined by functional communication assessment.
  • Goal 2: Engineered Classrooms: by June 2014, all special education and general education teachers, paraprofessionals, and related service providers serving students with ASD within the feeder schools will work collaboratively to implement EBP classroom strategies with fidelity; as measured by observation adherence and competence.
  • Goal 3: The average age of ASD identification will be reduced from (baseline data) to (outcome goal).
  • Goal 4: Building Administrators and identified division/school specialists will be able to recognize and assess evidence-based practices within their school through the statewide administrator checklist.