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Wise County Public Schools Autism Services Improvement Team
Wise County Public Schools Autism Services Improvement Team. Front row, left to right: Jerrie Adams, Teresa Lyons, Cindy Bates Back row, left to right: Lisa Pritchard, Susan Mullins, Lisa Wooten Robinette
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The vision of Wise County Public Schools is that each child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder will achieve maximum intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth to ensure that each individual is equipped to communicate with other people, develop and maintain relationships, be competent in home, educational, workplace, and community settings, and be a valued and contributing member of society.


The Wise County Public School Division is committed to excellence in education, equality of educational opportunity in the least restrictive environment, and the recognition of the individuality of each student with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Instruction and goals are developed through data analysis and programs that emphasize evidence-based practices to provide an individualized comprehensive education that adequately prepares students for learning, independence, communication, and social relationships.


We believe every student with an Autism Spectrum Disorder will have:

  • A form of meaningful communication.
  • An IEP that adequately addresses needs in core deficit areas.
  • Measureable and objective goals that are identified through the analysis of data.
  • Opportunities for maximum growth in functional and job-related skills for independent and community living.
  • Learning experiences are that are beneficial for application to present and future scenarios to enhance functioning in a dynamic society.
  • A program of study in the least restrictive environment which can provide the student with the necessary knowledge and life skills needed to achieve a successful and rewarding life.
  • Collaboration between home, school, and community to ensure early identification and access to appropriate services that address pivotal skills for school readiness.
  • Parents acknowledged as valued members of the educational process.
  • Parental training and educational opportunities provided to assist their child in the carry-over/reinforcement of learned skills and to develop empowerment as advocates for their child.
  • When appropriate, skills taught and adequate supports provided so that students will manage their own behaviors in appropriate ways allowing inclusion to a variety of environments.
  • Access to technology and tools for communication and participation in both the educational and community settings.


  1. Professionals supporting students with ASD will provide EBPs with fidelity.
  2. Educational (IEP) teams for students with ASD will develop meaningful and measurable individualized goals through collaboration with all the staff supporting the student and will assess, analyze data, and determine progress toward goals and adjust the plan as necessary.
  3. Beginning with the first IEP, a transition plan will be developed collaboratively with student, parent, educators, and community to address: independence, education, training, and employment for each student.