Alexandria City Public Schools

Alexandria City Public Schools


Our diverse students with ASD are successful in post-secondary education, employment and independent living in their community through the supports provided by highly effective multi-disciplinary teams. Our families are actively engaged and knowledgeable of the supports their children need to be successful in life.



  • Develop, implement and assess individualized comprehensive educational programming for all students with ASD.
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams to include our families.
  • Ensure supports are provided for each student to receive educational benefit in an inclusive learning community.
  • Build capacity of school based staff to deliver high quality supports and services.
  • Assure a seamless transition for our students to live independently and productively in their community.


  • Our job is to prepare for independence to be part of the community, not just academics beyond school from prek to Transition
  • Public school system can provide as high of quality as any other school option.
  • We should value cultural diversity to prepare them to enter the mainstream
  • Education is not solely the job of schools- families and community resources serve as valuable partners
  • All children can achieve at high levels. Students gain benefit through inclusive environment
  • What we do must make sense for LT growth of students
  • Data based decision making
  • Use of evidence based practices
  • Our students are able to determine needs, advocate for themselves and make life choices (ie. Self determination)
  • Students are valued as contributing members of school community
  • Our students with ASD have the same rights as other typically developing students
  • Staff are invested and passionate about our students
  • Our work has impact on the school division, family, school, and student levels
  • Each student with ASD is an individual and whose supports and services meet his/her unique needs that evolve over time.