Spotsylvania County Public Schools


Because of our relentless commitment to exemplary education, our students’ with ASD thrive as integral citizens in their school and communities.


Together we teach all students with ASD employing evidence based practices with fidelity to ensure

  • Life-long Learning
  • Functional Independence
  • Meaningful Communication
  • Self determination
  • Genuine Friendships
  • Engaged Citizenship


  1. When students with ASD receive exemplary education, they are prepared to make relevant contributions to society.
  2. Teaching is an intentional act. Students are motivated to learn when their teachers personalize instruction to their strengths and needs, engineer a positive environment, systematically employ evidence based practices, and use on-going data to evaluate the effectiveness of their practices.
  3. True collaboration is essential to teaching students with ASD and requires:
    • Positive, supportive and consistent leadership
    • Shared ownership and accountability
    • Openness to diversity of ideas in the spirit of continuous improvement
    • Continuous commitment towards a targeted outcome.