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For Administrators

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Administrator Support

Administrators play a special part in supporting students with ASD and other disabilities and particularly in supporting teachers and other team members to be effective in working with students with ASD and other disabilities. Because of this, we've created some tools and resources designed specifically with you in mind!

The Performance Standards and Evaluation Criteria and corresponding rubric provide a framework for evaluation of special education teachers and programs as well as a means to plan for targeted professional development.

Administrators Guide to Students with Autism Online Self Paced Course

In the "Administrators Guide to Students with Autism", an online course, you will learn about the common and defining characteristics of autism and how to support students both academically and behaviorally. Strategies are provided in the context of a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) framework with examples of how they could be used to support students throughout the continuum of learning environments. The following topics are covered:

Part 1: Characteristics of Autism

Part 2: Proactive Behavior Management

Part 3: Academic Success

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More Training Opportunities

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Calendar iconCourse: Foundations of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Preview of the Foundations Course.

The VCU-ACE Foundations in ASD course provides information about the characteristics of ASD and is a great place to start learning about those with ASD.


The VCU-ACE PARA Project provides professional development for paraprofessionals who serve students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the teachers with whom they work.

5 minute icon Ask the Expert Series

The Ask the Expert Series discuss important topics for educators by providing a very brief overview of the topic, discuss why it is important, and provide important tips that are relevant to the topic. These videos are a really good place to start, particularly if you are unfamiliar with a topic.

5 minute icon How To Video Series

Our How To Video Series are short videos that lets you see how to implement some of the strategies that are important for all students, and particularly those with ASD. These videos give brief explanations to remind you about important information and then provide video examples of the skill or practice. They are a great resource for teachers, paraprofessionals, and other educators.