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How can I learn more about autism spectrum disorder?

You have come to the right place to learn more about autism spectrum disorder! VCU-ACE has a wide array of online courses, the Topics and Trends Webcast Series, the Explore ASD Seminar Series, the How To Series, fact sheets and more! To learn more about a specific area, please visit our Training and Education page. You can select a topic of interest on the drop down menu titled, "I want to learn about.."

I want to earn points for recertification. Can I do this through VCU-ACE?

For teachers seeking recertification points: Points for educators working towards licensure renewal (recertification) may be awarded for completion of five or more hours of a professional development activity. These hours can be achieved by completing online courses (time varies), viewing webcasts (approximately one hour each) or seminars (time varies). VDOE provides the following requirements regarding professional development activities:

Point value: one point per clock/contact hour; must be a minimum of five hours per activity

Any teacher who wants to use these items as a professional development activity for recertification needs prior approval of the school district. The school district will be responsible for designating the actual number of points that a teacher can earn for participating in the webcast. Teachers must demonstrate knowledge or skills gained as a result of viewing the webcasts and seminars and/or completing the courses. VDOE requires that teachers provide a written summary/journal of project activities completed.

I want to further my education in the field of autism spectrum disorder. What options exist for higher education?

The Department of Special Education and Disability Policy at VCU offers a Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorder that prepares personnel to educate and support individuals with autism spectrum disorder in the educational setting from early intervention through adult services. Please visit our VCU Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in ASD page for more information. Also, the Virginia Applied Behavior Analysis Consortium program provides a university-based partnership designed to provide participants with high quality coursework in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and to prepare participants to take the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) exam if they choose. Detailed information about the Consortium and the ABA certificate program is available on our ABA page.

What is the Tiered Model of Professional Development and how can it help me?
Through the Tiered Model of Professional Development, VCU-ACE strives to meet the needs of all learners across the state of Virginia by providing training activities and resources that are beneficial to learners at all levels. The Tiered Model of Professional Development is also beneficial for division leaders who provide professional development activities. Additionally, many of the training activities can be completed to obtain continuing education units and points towards recertification of teacher licensure.

How can I find out about training being offered across Virginia?

Trainings throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia are listed and kept at the Trainings Around Virginia page.

What is the difference between a how to, a seminar and a webcast?

The VCU-ACE How To's are designed to be brief (approximately 5 to 10 minutes) instructional videos focusing on a very distinct practice or activity. The videos consist of a short explanation followed by several video clips in which the view can see that behavior or activity in action. The Explore ASD Seminar Series contains seminars that provide a narrow focus of information on topics important to educators, families, individuals with ASD, other professionals, and community members. These presentations are approximately 30-40 minutes long and are detailed enough to provide a quick overview or review of information. The Topics and Trends Webcast Series are delivered by national and state authorities in the field of ASD. These webcasts are generally 45-60 minutes long and examine a wide variety of topics important to professionals, families, and individuals with ASD. The webcasts are both live and archived.

What is the difference between self-paced and instructed courses?

Both our self-paced and online courses are designed to give students a greater understanding of autism spectrum disorder. The instructed courses begin at a specific date and include message board interactivity with an instructor and peers in the course. The self-paced courses can be begun and completed at any time, and are not instructor driven.

I am a division leader who provides professional development. How do I use VCU-ACE training activities?

There are many activities that can be provided through the VCU-ACE website. For example, teachers can take online courses together, or you can present a webcast or a seminar to a group of individuals. As all of the courses, webcasts and seminars are broken down into different topics, you can quickly and easily determine which topic might best suit the individuals who need training.