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Division Leader FAQ

My paraprofessionals need training for H.B.325. What options exist?

If you are a school division or building administrator and would like to have the paraprofessionals in your division or building register for the VCU-ACE online course, Autism Spectrum Disorder for Paraprofessionals: Providing Effective Instruction and Supports, please see the course information page. Below you will find information regarding how divisions throughout the Commonwealth have completed the training requirements.

  • Many divisions have used the VCU-ACE online course titled Autism Spectrum Disorder for Paraprofessionals: Providing Effective Instruction and Supports to meet the requirements of H.B. 325 and to develop knowledge and skills in paraprofessionals.

  • Some divisions have supplemented the online course with oversight and instruction by a division level autism spectrum disorder specialist to complete the course and to assist paraprofessionals in applying the knowledge and skills learned in the context of the classroom.

  • Other divisions have benefited from the VCU-ACE Train-the-Trainer Model. This model allows for division level personnel to attend training in order to become a VCU-ACE trainer. Trainers can then provide live training developed by VCU-ACE that implements adult learning principles to provide the content which also meet the requirements of H.B. 325.

What is the Tiered Model of Professional Development and how can it help division leaders?

Through the Tiered Model of Professional Development (PDF), (Word), VCU-ACE strives to meet the needs of all learners across the state of Virginia by providing training activities and resources for the emergent learner, developing learner, as well as division leaders who provide professional development activities and resources that will assist with systematic change and fidelity of evidence-based practices in ASD. If you are an instructional specialist, autism spectrum disorder specialist, or a division leader who provides professional development to those who support students with ASD, you can use the VCU-ACE training activities as a way to provide professional development in your division. The training activities can be selected and required for an individual educator or groups of educators to complete. In some cases, the training activities can be completed independently by the educators in your division, while in other cases, it will be beneficial to provide supplemental professional development that will further promote understanding and implementation. For example, as a division leader, you may lead educators through such activities as case study analyses, video analysis, role playing and rehearsal, or coaching in the classroom. If you need to speak with someone about our training activities and how to use them to provide professional development in your division, please contact us at 855-711-6987 or autismcenter@vcu.edu.