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My child just received a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. What do I do now?

Early intervention is critical! If your child is two or younger, contact the Infant and Toddler Connection of Virginia at 1-800-234-1448. If your child is three or older, contact your local school division so that your child can begin receiving services as soon as possible. VCU-ACE offers a course: My Child was Just Identified with an Autism Spectrum Disorder: Now What Do I Do? This course is designed to introduce families to the characteristics, needs and recommended services for young children with autism spectrum disorder. This course will provide a brief description of the defining characteristics of an autism spectrum disorder. The focus of this course, however, is on effective services, supports and strategies to be implemented.

My child's physician referred me to VCU-ACE. Can you help me?

Physicians often refer parents to VCU-ACE after their child has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. The VCU-ACE website offers a number of resources for parents. Our main course for parents, The Parent Playbook, is designed to introduce families to the characteristics, needs and recommended services for young children with autism Spectrum Disorder. In addition we offer a number of other courses, seminars and webcasts to help you learn more about autism spectrum disorder and how you can better support your child. Viewing seminars as part of our Explore ASD Seminar Series is another excellent step in developing your knowledge and understanding of ASD.

I think my child might have autism spectrum disorder. Where can I go for help?

If you think your child might have autism spectrum disorder, please remember that early intervention is key. The earlier you receive a diagnosis they earlier your child can be receiving services. Your child's pediatrician can perform a screening that may help to let you know whether to pursue additional testing for autism spectrum disorder. There are a number of centers and clinics throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia that conduct assessments to determine if a person meets criteria for autism spectrum disorder. Although VCU-ACE does not perform assessments, we will be happy to help you find your nearest center. Contact us at (855) 711-6987 or at

How can I find an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapist to work with my child?

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board has a website that can help you find ABA providers in your area. First, visit Next, scroll down until you see "Find/Contact Certificants" on the left hand side of the page. Click on this page. Once here, you can type in your zip code or city to locate a qualified ABA therapist in your area.