These short videos discuss important topics for families, educators, community members, and individuals with ASD. Check out the Featured Video below or one of our Video Series.

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Video Series

Ask the Experts

These short videos are approximately 5 minutes long and are intended to provide a brief overview of a wide variety of concepts. In these videos, experts will discuss and define the topic, explain why it is important, and provide helpful tips on how it can be utilized.

Classroom Snapshot

These short videos highlight inspiring stories of best practices going on in schools throughout Virginia. In these videos, teachers and school leaders share the ideas and efforts they have made to improve the education of children with autism in their communities.

How To Videos

These short videos demonstrate evidence-based practices for students

Lunch and Learn

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, VCU-ACE hosted Lunch and Learn, an interactive Zoom meeting, to bring important ASD topics and resources to self-advocates, caregivers, and professionals.