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Effective Communication System for Students with ASD

Presented By:
Charlene Wentland, VCU Autism Center for Excellence (ACE)

Selena Layden, VCU-ACE
July 8, 2014

 Building effective communication skills is a critical component of the education of all students with ASD.  It requires a systematic plan that ensures communication instruction is individualized to fit the short term and long term needs of the student.  This involves individualized communication instruction, team collaboration, a system of communication that allows for effective and efficient communication, and implementation of evidence-based strategies and supports.

As part of our statewide goal, the VCU Autism Center for Excellence, in collaboration with professionals from across the state, has developed tools and resources to assist teams in improving the communication capabilities of those with ASD, including those who may require alternative modes to communicate effectively.  This webcast is designed to advance the knowledge and skills of team members in identifying communication goals, implementing communication learning opportunities, and developing a long-term communication system for each child with ASD.