• Behavior101

    New Course

    Learn how to think like a behaviorist in this first part of a series on behavior 101.

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  • DrConniekasari


    Check out this two part series from Connie Kasari, Ph.D., one of the worlds leading experts on autism research and treatment. Dr.Kasari discusses the importance of play and it's role in the development of joint attention and joint engagement in young learners in the two webcasts below:

  • Transition Team!


    Check out the Kindergarten Transition Course from VCU-ACE: Preparing the Child with ASD for the Early Childhood-to-Kindergarten Transition.

    This is a great course for teams, including families, to learn more about critical skills needed for life in the Kindergarten classroom.

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  • Breakfast2Bedtime


    The From Breakfast to Bedtime series is designed to help families understand just how much their child is learning each day through regular routines. These videos range from 6 to 10 minutes in length. This series takes families through what a child is learning during typical daily activities such as waking up, diapering or toileting, handwashing, breakfast, getting dressed, cleaning up, afternoon and evening mealtimes, bath time, and bedtime.

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  • Justthebasicteacherquotes


    The VCU-ACE Just the Basics course is designed to help early childhood educators learn more about best practices, the characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder, strategies designed to support young learners with ASD, and how to assess strengths and needs in order to design a personalized learning path for your professional development.

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For Parents


Raising a child diagnosed with ASD can be confusing and overwhelming. Many times, parents and family members struggle to understand the diagnosis, how to support their child's success, and how to problem-solve through challenges. Information from our seminars, webcasts, and online courses can help families and caregivers understand more about appropriate interventions and strategies to help their child.

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For Educators


Special education teachers, related services personnel, general education teachers, and other educators are very important in supporting students with ASD to be successful! VCU-ACE has created many resources, tools, and training opportunities with you in mind.

A group of adults in a classroom