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Archived News: In Research and Intervention
January 2012

Recent Research Indicates Early Signs of Autism in Brain Responses during the First Year of Life

ScienceDaily (January 26, 2012) recently reported on research being conducted at the Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development, Birbeck, University of London, which suggests that certain brain responses in children less than one year old may indicate a later diagnosis of autism. The article, “In the Brain, Signs of Autism as Early as 6 Months Old,” provided information on the parameters of the study and acknowledged that more research and refinement is necessary before the method can be used as a clinical assessment tool. However, researchers are hopeful that this study, and those that follow, may lead to earlier diagnosis and intervention for children with autism in the future.

To view the entire ScienceDaily (Jan. 26, 2012) article, click here.


Researchers Publish Study on Environmental Factor that May Play Role in Autism

The Science Daily article (January 19, 2012), “Another Clue in the Mystery of Autism,” shared information about a study conducted by Northwestern University researchers, which indicates that low birth weight may be an environmental factor contributing to the risk of ASD.

To view the entire Science Daily article, click here.


Top 10 Autism Research Achievements of 2011 Announced!

Autism Speaks recently announced the Top 10 Autism Research Achievements of 2011. Please click here to download the entire list.


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