ACE Projects

Project PASS: Preparing for Academic and Social Success

Project PASS is a multi-component professional development model specifically geared toward pre-school classrooms. The model supports pre-school teams in the implementation of evidence-based practices for students with ASD and developmental disabilities in inclusion settings. Project PASS includes completion of online content on evidence-based practices, live professional development, and embedded coaching.

The Region 1 Autism Education Consortium (AEC)

The Region 1 Autism Education Consortium (AEC) includes 15 divisions in central Virginia. The AEC will work in partnership with member school divisions, families and the community to increase awareness and expertise in regards to the education of students with autism spectrum disorder. The AEC will provide ongoing professional development opportunities for all staff working with students with autism spectrum disorder. Professional development will include universal supports, targeted supports, and individual division supports.

The Virginia Autism Resource Center (VARC)

The Virginia Autism Resource Center at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Autism Center for Excellence is a statewide resource center dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families. Through integrative research, outreach and collaborative initiatives, VARC promotes and facilitates best practices for those diagnosed within the autism spectrum. Information, resources, and education and training help parents, educators, service providers and medical professionals provide effective support from early childhood through adulthood.