Communities of Leaders in Autism


Logo with Communities of Leaders in Autism written on top of a map of Virginia

Regions will receive technical assistance through the development and facilitation of Communities of Leaders in Autism (CoLAs). CoLAs provide participants with the opportunity to share information and experiences. This allows members to learn from each other, and have an opportunity to develop personally and professionally.

Who is part of CoLA?

  • School division personnel who are considered leaders in their division in ASD. This includes autism specialists, instructional specialists, master teachers and individuals in administrative or quasi-administrative roles who provide consultation and support to teachers who support students with ASD.
  • VCU-ACE staff
  • T/TAC staff
  • VDOE staff

What happens in a CoLA?

  • Members share a common interest in the improvement of service delivery and use of evidence-based practice for students with ASD.
  • Members create a strong community that fosters trust and encourages collaboration and sharing.
  • Members develop a core of knowledge through skill development, problem solving, information and resource acquisition, and skill integration using both collaborative and self-directed learning activities.
A map of Virginia Cola regions with a graphic showing their interconnectivity with ACE and VA Department of Education
Created by Teresa Crowson, Old Dominion University TTAC (Region 2)