Apple Apps Resource Guide

Downloadable PDF

This Guide was created by Lindsey Aftel, Mary Freeman, Jessica Lynn, and Whitney Mercer,
students at VCU's Occupational Therapy Program.

In order to purchase any of these applications, go to Apple App Store on Internet, type the name of the application in the Search Box, and click on the App to purchase it.

App Function $US


  • Includes a library of picture and voice prompts (for individuals with speech difficulties)
  • Allows download of your own photos and audio prompts



  • Full-feature augmentative and alternative communication solution (full AAC solution)
  • Provides natural sounding, text-to-speech voices, up-to-date symbols, automatic conjunctions, and a default vocabulary of over 7,000 items



  • Offers pre-loaded pictures and storyboards/routines (e.g., schedule) that facilitate language comprehension


Speak it!

  • Copy or type text for text-to-speech
  • Uses natural sounding voices


My Choice Board

  • Presents a visual display of "choices" for those with limited communication skills
  • Choice boards can be customized




  • Behavioral management reward system
  • Allows you to post a picture of a reward and give stars for behaviors that will win the reward


ABC Data

  • Data collection tool for counting behavior by simple tallies or percentages, recording session duration, and emailing the data



  • Tracks ABC data, frequency and duration, and high frequency data
  • Graphs all of the data (by frequency, duration, or rate)


Aids for Daily Living

Picture Scheduler

  • Task organizer- attach photo, video, or audio to reminder message
  • Ability to sort tasks into categories
  • Aids in recall of details- record notes (audio or video) to accompany a photo in a listed schedule


First Then Visual Schedule

  • Audio-visual prompting tool for scheduling daily events or steps to complete an activity
  • Visual schedules provide positive behavioral supports
  • Completely customizable (e.g. record their own voice, add their own images)


Sleep Cycle

  • Uses accelerometer to record movement during sleep
  • Tracks sleep quality and rhythms


Grocery IQ

  • Make shopping lists, aisle-by-aisle, mini-lists for usual and unusual purchases
  • Ability to scan bar codes (with mobile camera) or use the predictive search feature



  • Create picture-and-text task sequences for multi-step activities, create choice sets and activity schedules


My Med Schedule

  • Web-based application that sends text alarms as reminders for taking medications


iDress for Weather

  • Provides images of clothing and weather conditions daily
  • Clearly displays the daily temperature (daily highs and lows)
  • Ability to customize the closet using personalized images or photos



  • Communicates checklists and individual cues using text, images, and color




  • Create personalized social stories using photos, texts, and audio messages


Math Magic

  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with visual supports, solution choices, reinforcers and rewards (star system)
  • Levels can be adjusted to customize towards the child; can also activate a timer
  • Has a very simple design and vibrant colors



  • Allows one to keep track of their homework, classes, projects and tests
  • Design of application resembles day to day notebook separated by colorful sticky pads that mark the pages
  • Notifies you when you have upcoming assignments by numbering them on your application icon
  • Can transfer homework or class entries to friends and email work reminders



  • Note taking application and to-do manager
  • Able to customize with themes with different folder icons, colors, fonts, and paper backgrounds
  • Can send notes with photo attachments as emails, Post-it styled notes, as well as synchronization with Google Docs and Evernote


Dragon Dictation

  • Speak into a microphone and have it type what you say
  • Voice recognition to speak, see and edit text
  • Can share on clipboard, text and email
  • Can also dictate status updates to social networks (Facebook and Twitter)



  • Create text, photo and audio notes that synchronize with your computer
  • Add, sync, access, and share files (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc)



Big Names

  • With large, high-contrast text, it’s easier to select and call a person from your contact list
  • Supports both portrait and landscape orientation
  • Has English, German, Japanese and French language support



  • Application translates English to Braille and vice-versa



  • Ideal application for individuals who are farsighted, those who have reading glasses, bifocals, or for anyone who needs to see more clearly
  • Uses an autofocusing camera to clearly display text or imagery
  • Can choose between 2x, 4x, 6x or 8x magnification and hold iPad (as well as iPod touch or iPhone) about 5 inches away from object that needs to be magnified



iHear Dialer

  • Dial phone numbers without looking at the keypad
  • Move fingers over keypad to hear phone number digits, then select digit by releasing
  • Able to choose between two voices (Alex and Jules)
  • Can dial last 6 previous numbers (history)


Voice Controls

  • After holding down your home button, speak voice controls to your iPad to make calls, play music, etc.



  • For Windows mobile phones with accelerometers and SMS texting
  • Detects seizure activity and sends text alarm to caregiver



  • GPS tracker with mapping- allows you to track a cellphone route and send your location to another phone or PC



  • Navigation system for driving or walking (mobile phone navigation)
  • Has a tracking and tracing feature available (allows viewing of vehicle movements)



  • Allows recording of video
  • Includes 20 live effects to record video with


iCounselor: OCD

  • Provided by iCounselor to help to resist obsessions and learn skills
  • Rate the frequency and strength of the OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) thoughts on a color coded scale with 0 being none and 10 being continual, very difficult to resist
  • Can then choose 1/10 calming activities then select 1/10 ways to change those thoughts
  • Then can select one method for avoiding and resisting those obsessions/rituals
  • iCounselor is also available for Anger, Eating Disorders, Anxiety and Depression