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Applied Behavior Analysis: Just the Facts

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All ACE Staff , VCU Autism Center for Excellence (ACE)
May 8, 2012

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) has been demonstrated time and again to be an effective strategy for teaching skills and reducing problem behavior in individuals with autism spectrum disorders as well as other developmental disabilities. Despite its proven track record, there are still many misconceptions about what it is and how it is to be used. ABA is a set of principles that can be applied in any classroom, home, or community where learning takes place. As a parent or professional supporting a person with ASD, having an understanding of these principles and how to apply them is advantageous and can lead to skill acquisition in any area including communication, social skills, academics, and self-help.  In this presentation, Dr. Hendricks will define ABA, introduce key terminology and will describe the key principles that are to be used by parents and educators.  Real life examples of how these principles can be applied with individuals with ASD will be provided.

Dawn Hendricks, Ph.D. serves as an Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) where she has a dual role.  She is Director of Training for the VCU Autism Center for Excellence.  In this role she directs state-wide training initiatives for families, schools, and service providers of individuals with autism spectrum disorders.  This requires collaboration with state agencies, colleges and universities, families, and organizations.  Additionally at VCU, Dr. Hendricks coordinates the Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders program. In this capacity, she develops curricula and provides instruction to educators throughout the Commonwealth.   Dr. Hendricks serves on the Virginia Autism Council, a state supported council of autism professionals, to improve educational and training measures for personnel who serve individuals on the spectrum.   She provides consultative services to family members and service providers in the areas of evidence based strategies, positive behavior supports, and parent implemented intervention.  She has over 18 years experience supervising programming and providing information on best practices through technical assistance and training.