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Inclusion: Making the Marriage Work - Part 2

Presented By:
Barbara Webb, Ed. D., Private Consultant
February 11, 2014

All children are able to learn, just not in the same way. Autism is an information processing difference that affects: communication, social interaction, sensory response, and learning and thinking. In part 1, we discussed academic strategies for the classroom. This presentation will address strategies for the unstructured time within the school day, environmental supports, social supports, and communication supports. Dr. Webb will also discuss strategies for managing behavioral challenges.

Dr. Barbara Webb is an internationally known private consultant in the areas of Autism, Social Skills, and Positive Behavior Supports. She has 20 years of experience as a School Psychologist in preK-12th grades, a consultant to model Autism classrooms, specializes in assessment of students within the Autism Spectrum, and provides trainings in assessment, ADOS-2, ADI-R, and educational strategies. She also provides expert testimony in Due Process cases for School Districts and Families.