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Tori Saylor

My Journey to Self-Determination

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Tori Saylor, VA Department of Rehabilitative Services
April 8, 2014

In this webcast, Tori illustrates her struggles, triumphs, and tools used to survive each day. This allows for an opportunity to walk a mile in her shoes as she journeys through life from childhood to adulthood. Tori's message will leave you curious, motivated, and with a heightened awareness of ASD. Just when you think you know all about ASD, Tori's story may surprise you!

At the age of 27, Tori Saylor has had an interesting life filled with lessons learned. She has presented to hundreds of people nationally about these lessons while living with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS). Although the beginning of her life was a constant struggle, she began to have a major transformation seven years ago when she became involved as a youth leader with the VA Department of Education's I'm Determined Project. With the help from her ever-growing support system she began a satisfying journey of learning how to become a self-determined self-advocate. A few of her most recent accomplishments include the VA Division on Career Development and Transition 2012 Youth of the Year and the 2012 VA Department of Rehabilitative Services Champions of Disability Employment, Employee of the Year award. Her hope is that someday society's perspective of all disabilities is one that includes open minds, equality and acceptance.