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Lori Ernsperger

Girls under the Umbrella of ASD Part 1: Diagnosis and Gender Differences
Lori Ernsperger

Date:  11/11/2014, 3:30pm Eastern

 Girls and women with ASD are often underdiagnosed and lack effective comprehensive services to establish and maintain a quality of life. During this webcast, Dr. Lori Ernsperger will highlight the core gender differences between males and females with ASD. The focus of this webcast will be to review the current research and findings on girls and women with ASD and provide recommendations for future research.

Bio: Dr. Lori Ernsperger is the Director of Autism and Behavioral Consulting, LLC and a board certified behavior analyst- doctoral level. She has over 29 years of experience working in the public schools as a classroom teacher, administrator, and behavioral consultant. Dr. Lori currently provides professional development and conference workshops to school district professionals and parents. She is the author of three books: Keys to Success for Teaching Students with Autism and Just Take a Bite: Easy Effective Answers to Food Aversions and Eating Challenges and Girls Under the Umbrella of Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Her new books Teaching Students with ASD will be released in Fall 2014 and Preventing Bullying and Harassment for Students with Disabilities will be released in April, 2015. For more information go to: www.loriernsperger.com